The Infinite Dial 2017 webinar, produced by Edison Research and Triton Digital showed a number of key stats for example, only 14% of the total survey group, across all ages, said that keeping up-to-date with music was “very important.” It’s more important for younger music consumers (12-24 age group) than older ones.

When Edison applies two filters to the data, something interesting happens. Narrowing down to respondents who claimed music discovery was “very important” or “somewhat important,” and also limiting to the 12-24 group, here’s what you get:

  • YouTube soars in importance, to 80% use for discovering music.
  • That is more than Friends/Family through these filters (77%).
  • It is much more that AM/FM radio (50%).
  • Spotify also zooms up to 59% from 335 in the unfiltered survey population.

And here’s another interesting wrinkle. Keep both filters (at least “somewhat important,” and 12-24 group) and add “Used Mot Often for Keeping Up-to-Date with Music,” and compare with 2016.

  • YouTube goes down, from 22% in 2016 to 19% in 2017.
  • Spotify leaps up from 9% to 20%.

That’s young listeners for whom music discovery is important, adopting Spotify as a discovery platform much more over last year.

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