Max Briere-Edney, from podcast aggregator Acast, tells us how Digital Audio is advancing at an incredible rate and how we’re learning more and more about audiences beyond just listening behaviour.

Understanding audience interests is the easy part with podcasts. The power of placing advertiser messaging within relevant environments is obvious, especially if the messaging is read out by the hosts and so far we’ve seen 95% of our advertisers rebook.

Our next challenge is to gain a greater understanding of who is listening to each show, what their other interests are and when they are engaging with our content.

These insights plus a growing number of case studies will help us build an even more compelling case for advertisers.

As more users become familiar with the Acast brand and sign ups increase we will have access to even more actionable data.

The biggest change will be when we can be booked alongside a brands wider activity, allowing for accurate reporting of incremental reach, additions such as cross media sequential messaging and new ways to measure success.

It’s something Acast are definitely working towards and what I think will happen next in the Digital Audio world.