Cloud-based file transfer application WeTransfer is getting into the music game.

That’s good news for anyone who regularly finds themselves waiting for batches of large files to arrive via the very handy site.

However, and we’ll see when it launches in early 2016, it might not be good news for artist bank accounts.

In order to clear up confusion around just how dedicated a ‘streaming service’ WeTransfer is planning to launch, the company has issued the following statement to media.

“To be clear, WeTransfer’s new music streaming-solution is not a direct competitor of SoundCloud, Spotify or other music-streaming platforms,” said the company.

“Those are dedicated players. [Our] streaming solution is very different and is primarily a marketing channel for the creator.

“With this player, artists get a focused campaign to deliver their content to our massive audience. It is more of a complement to their activities on Spotify or SoundCloud”.

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