On-demand playlists are coming to Spotify Free.

Spotify Free might be getting a user interface makeover. The interface is said to be redesigned and will contain several on-demand playlists. Ultimately this update will include the option to play songs on demand, making the free Spotify subscription a little more like a premium account.

Spotify’s new option to play specific playlists on demand (for free subscribers) is a huge improvement as previously all playlists could only be played in shuffle mode. Playlists that can still only be played in shuffle mode will now have a designated blue shuffle icon. Along with these changes, Spotify has redesigned the Search page, navigation and will also be rolling out full-screen art for individual songs as standard. This means that free users will also get the full-length display experience when listening via mobile.

Spotify Free to get full screen art (Years & Years full screen art on premium)

Overall, these modifications will help create an enhanced free user experience and will be pivotal in attracting new people to the service. These changes have not been officially confirmed however, reports suggest that these adjustments for mobile are expected to roll out next week.

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