Spotify’s next global move is coming

A flurry of news reports has suggested that Spotify plans to launch across the Middle East and North Africa in November, with a new regional headquarters based in Dubai. Spotify has not responded to requests for comments on the stories, but eagle-eyed reporters have noticed that Spotify has started to recruit for positions in Dubai, […]

Acast introduces programmatic ads

Acast says it’s time for podcasts to embrace programmatic advertising. With its publishing and monetization tools, Acast has already moved beyond the generally low-tech state of podcast advertising — think of how many podcasts still play the same outdated ads when you download old episodes — but launching a marketplace for programmatic (i.e. automated algorithmic) […]

Global’s DAX signs up streaming service Mix Radio

(15.02.16) Personalised music streaming service MixRadio is the latest publisher to sign up to Global’s Dax service. MixRadio joins 150 other audio platforms that now monetise their inventory through the Digital Audio Exchange, which was created in 2014 to offer advertisers a single buying point for both direct and programmatic advertising. Mike Gordon, chief commercial […]

Spotify is rolling out its programmatic advertising offering

(04.11.15)  Spotify has opened up its inventory to programmatic media-buyers with a private marketplace (PMP) offering after experimenting with the offering since February this year, as the music streaming service aims to further monetise its 75 million-strong user base. The music streaming service, which has been doubling down on its advertising revenue in the last […]

(USA) Audio programmatic predictions from RAIN summit and Radio Show (05/10/15)

Programmatic advertising was a key topic at RAIN Summit Atlanta, where a discussion panel (Online Audio’s Programmatic Path) examined viewpoints from the buy and sell sides. In addition, a RAIN Summit interview with Jennifer Hungerbuhler of the global agency Dentsu Aegis landed on programmatic with a revealing prediction. For more, read the full story on […]