Super-powered new podcast series from Marvel

Having all but conquered the visual mediums of film and comics, Marvel continue building a reputation in the world of audio-storytelling with a new fictional podcast series. Following on from two critically acclaimed adventures with X-men stalwart Wolverine (Marvel’s Wolverine: The Long Night and its sequel Marvel’s Wolverine: The Lost Trail) this new story will concern the […]

Spotify now testing official Apple Watch app

An official Spotify app for Apple Watch users has been long overdue, but it looks like we may be seeing one sooner than you think. Neither Spotify nor Apple have revealed anything publicly about the app launch or its features, but here’s what we know so far: According to beta testers of the Spotify iOS app, limited […]

Acast reveals latest listening and download milestones

Last week, podcast platform Acast announced not one but two exciting new milestones. The Stockholm-based company celebrated its fourth birthday when they revealed that listening had doubled in just twelve months. Additionally, its podcasts and digital audio content have now been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times around the world, which according to Acast is […]

Q&A with Start Last, COO audioBoom: The go-forward strategy

Last week London-based podcast company audioBoom announced it had obtained funding of 4.5-million GBP to solidify its operating future and strategy.   RAIN NEWS reached out to Chief Operating Officer Stuart Last for more details. The Q&A which unfolded was quite interesting and portrays a company keen to execute a programming strategy.   The audioBoom […]

Spotify teams up with Amy Schumer to create original Podcast

Spotify welcomes comedian Amy Schumer into the fold as the two partner up to create an all-new comedy podcast. Schumer will host and produce the Podcast which will likely focus on “pop culture, politics and the world of standup comedy.”   Spotify has featured Podcasts for many years now, though much of its content is produced elsewhere. […]