Conan O’Brien embraces podcasting

Distinguished late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien is one of the latest entertainment titan to have turned their attentions on podcasting. Many well-known media personalities have expanded their brand into this space, and in a similar vein to those excursions the format has offered him a break from his bread-and-butter vocation to share a different side of […]

Big Money Pours into Podcasting

Podcasting may have started off as an off-beat small scale medium, but has become a truly mainstream proposition in recent years. Mammoth media entities have begun laying groundwork to fully incorporate podcasts under their future remit, with two recent examples being the $500 million set aside by Spotify for acquisitions and the purchasing of Stuff […]

Audio in the Digital News Report 2019

There was an urgency to this year’s Digital News Report that news outlets around the world need to drastically change their approach if they are to bring consumption of their content to previous high levels. The main issues explored were the difficulty in confirming a sustainable economic model for newsrooms, distrust in digital news sources […]

Acast reveals latest listening and download milestones

Last week, podcast platform Acast announced not one but two exciting new milestones. The Stockholm-based company celebrated its fourth birthday when they revealed that listening had doubled in just twelve months. Additionally, its podcasts and digital audio content have now been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times around the world, which according to Acast is […]

RAJAR MIDAS Spring 2018 Results

MIDAS Q1 2018: 6 million adults listen to podcasts Published May 21, 2018 by RadioWorks Group   RAJAR MIDAS results provide context and understanding into how, when and where people listen to audio in today’s landscape. On-demand listening is becoming increasingly more prevalent and as the usage of online devices such as smartphones and tablets continue to […]