Spotify now testing official Apple Watch app

An official Spotify app for Apple Watch users has been long overdue, but it looks like we may be seeing one sooner than you think. Neither Spotify nor Apple have revealed anything publicly about the app launch or its features, but here’s what we know so far: According to beta testers of the Spotify iOS app, limited […]

Spotify’s next global move is coming

A flurry of news reports has suggested that Spotify plans to launch across the Middle East and North Africa in November, with a new regional headquarters based in Dubai. Spotify has not responded to requests for comments on the stories, but eagle-eyed reporters have noticed that Spotify has started to recruit for positions in Dubai, […]

Deezer finds most listeners stop discovering new music at age 30

Promoting new music is a key focus of any music business. But interestingly according to Deezer, the average listener stops listening to new music at just 30 years. The music streaming service surveyed 1,000 Brits about their listening habits and music tastes. The survey highlighted that the peak age for discovering new music was age […]

Spotify partners up with Bloomsbury to offer audiobooks

Spotify has teamed up with Bloomsbury Publishing to introduce audiobooks to its collection of streamed content. Spotify will be releasing the 33 1/3 series of short books which celebrate musicians throughout history. Each short is dedicated to a single album and will include works by James Brown, Björk, Miles Davis, David Bowie and Nirvana along with […]

Talks of improved Spotify Free user interface

On-demand playlists are coming to Spotify Free. Spotify Free might be getting a user interface makeover. The interface is said to be redesigned and will contain several on-demand playlists. Ultimately this update will include the option to play songs on demand, making the free Spotify subscription a little more like a premium account. Spotify’s new […]