Talks of improved Spotify Free user interface

On-demand playlists are coming to Spotify Free. Spotify Free might be getting a user interface makeover. The interface is said to be redesigned and will contain several on-demand playlists. Ultimately this update will include the option to play songs on demand, making the free Spotify subscription a little more like a premium account. Spotify’s new […]

Acast audio report shows latest podcast figures

Acast have released the first installments of their Audio intelligence report. The report will look at the audio and voice industry landscape, revealing listener figures, profiles and trends in the UK, US and Australia. According to the latest UK report: An estimated 23% of the UK population have listened to a podcast in the last […]

Alexa Routines can now stream music and play podcasts.

Users can add music, podcast, and radio content to a Routine. Amazon is getting more options for Alexa Routines. The feature lets users assemble a set of actions by a single voice command. Initially limited to news, weather, traffic, and smart home skills, Routines can now incorporate music, podcast, and radio content. This update allows smart speaker […]