RAJAR MIDAS Spring 2018 Results

MIDAS Q1 2018: 6 million adults listen to podcasts Published May 21, 2018 by RadioWorks Group   RAJAR MIDAS results provide context and understanding into how, when and where people listen to audio in today’s landscape. On-demand listening is becoming increasingly more prevalent and as the usage of online devices such as smartphones and tablets continue to […]

Deezer’s Flow gets new update

The music streaming service Deezer is updating Flow, the platform’s personalised playlist feature. Flow is designed to give users a tailored music experience with minimal engagement from the listener. Deezer will now be adding new features which will allow listeners to have more control over what they hear. The update will include several playlists and […]

Acast audio report shows latest podcast figures

Acast have released the first installments of their Audio intelligence report. The report will look at the audio and voice industry landscape, revealing listener figures, profiles and trends in the UK, US and Australia. According to the latest UK report: An estimated 23% of the UK population have listened to a podcast in the last […]