Q&A with Start Last, COO audioBoom: The go-forward strategy

Last week London-based podcast company audioBoom announced it had obtained funding of 4.5-million GBP to solidify its operating future and strategy.   RAIN NEWS reached out to Chief Operating Officer Stuart Last for more details. The Q&A which unfolded was quite interesting and portrays a company keen to execute a programming strategy.   The audioBoom […]

audioBoom announces partnership with TPX, hires Jenni Skaug

Hot on the heels of its merger with Triton Digital, podcasting platform audioBoom has shared two more business developments. First, the company has entered a partnership with The Podcast Exchange. Second, it has hired Jenni Skaug as its senior sales director. Read the full story on RAIN

Audioboom Offers $185M For Triton Digital

One of the world’s top spoken word audio-on-demand platforms has just made a major play for one of the globe’s biggest streaming audio providers. In an announcement made this morning from its headquarters office just south of London’s Tower Bridge in Southwark, Audioboom has offered to purchase Triton Digital for $185 million in an all-cash deal. Read the full story […]

audioBoom saw audience, advertising, and channel growth during “transformational” year

audioBoom, the podcast and audio on-demand platform, has shared some statistics from a “transformational” 2017 fiscal year. In the year to November 30, audioBoom reported 89.1 million monthly unique users, up 50% from the previous year. The company also posted 2.032 billion available advertising impressions during the year, skyrocketing up from 242 million in the previous […]

audioBoom partners with iHeartRadio

AudioBoom announced that it has created a distribution partnership with iHeartRadio, whereby its on-demand audio programs are exposed to iHeartRadio’s millions of listeners. “Working with iHeartRadio will provide us the opportunity to promote our 2,800 podcast channels through their music streams, which will significantly support discovery and audience growth – two major issues that the podcasting […]