Alexa Routines can now stream music and play podcasts.

Users can add music, podcast, and radio content to a Routine. Amazon is getting more options for Alexa Routines. The feature lets users assemble a set of actions by a single voice command. Initially limited to news, weather, traffic, and smart home skills, Routines can now incorporate music, podcast, and radio content. This update allows smart speaker […]

Alexa can build playlists in Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music

Amazon is adding a useful new function to its Alexa-enabled devices. Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music listeners can now build playlists through voice controls. The currently playing song can be added to an existing playlist or a new playlist can be compiled all through spoken commands. The feature rolls out today on any device with Alexa […]

Amazon’s Voice Assistant to be Integrated into Cars

Alexa really could soon be everywhere – including your car. At the annual Vegas tech gathering CES dozens of firms have revealed the smart assistant is coming to everything from dashboards to power chargers, bringing the smart assistant war to cars. Amazon’s new Alexa Onboard technology will let users access the Alexa voice assistant through their car’s infotainment […]