Spotify welcomes comedian Amy Schumer into the fold as the two partner up to create an all-new comedy podcast. Schumer will host and produce the Podcast which will likely focus on “pop culture, politics and the world of standup comedy.”  

Amy Schumer, comedy central, 2011

Spotify has featured Podcasts for many years now, though much of its content is produced elsewhere. The company announced their move into Podcast production in 2017 as they saw an opportunity to capture a larger share of the market, build loyalty with listeners and attract new customers to their service.

On-demand listening has become increasingly more popular over the years. MIDAS reports that 6 million adults listen to a Podcast in an average week –  that’s 11% of the adult population in the UK alone, so it isn’t surprising that Spotify has ventured into making original Podcasts. (Read MIDAS Q1 2018 update here)

Head of Studios and Video, Courtney Holt says “we are evolving from music to non-music as well” signaling that their podcast with Schumer will be the first of many new comedy shows to come. Spotify’s collaboration with Amy Schumer is a sign of the changing podcast landscape. As we see more personalities like Schumer making podcasts, we can only expect the industry to become more and more competitive as podcast publishers will fight to stand out from the crowd.

Published June 3, 2018 by RadioWorks Group



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