Spotify has officially revealed its latest official subscriber numbers – and they’re sure to get the music business talking.

As part of its Q2 2018 fiscal announcement today (July 26), Daniel Ek’s firm has just revealed that it ended the month of June with a global paying subscriber base of 83m.

That was up by 8m on the 75m subscribers the company confirmed three months prior– at the end of March (Q1) – and up by 12m on the 71m subscribers it counted at the end of December.

In the six months from January-June 2018, then, Spotify added an average of approximately 2m subscribers a month worldwide.

According to MBW’s calculations, Apple Music – Spotify’s biggest rival in the on-demand audio subscription world – would have ended June with around 44m paying subscribers worldwide (not including free triallists), around 39m behind Spotify.


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