A new study from NPR and Edison Research reveals the key habits of US Smart Speaker owners. 

The study, titled “The Smart Audio Report from NPR and Edison Research” shows that like radio, Smart Speakers are playing a key role in our day-to-day lives. According to the study, 65% of Smart Speaker owners said they would not want to go back to their lives before getting a Smart Device with 42% of owners saying that their device is now “essential” to their everyday lives.

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This new data emerges at a time when listening behaviours are noticeably shifting, and audio content is becoming increasingly more mainstream. Matt Deegan, Creative Director at Folder Media says: “In the last six months a lot of new podcasts have emerged, so it would be fair to say it’s having a bit of a boom.” The Smart Speaker indeed plays a significant role in this shift as the study reveals that 70% of Smart Speaker owners say they are listening to more audio since acquiring their device.

Not only that but we are seeing more and more consumers around the world switching to audio. NPR CMO Meg Goldthwaite says “Smart speaker owners are turning off their TVs and closing down their laptops to spend more time listening to news, music, podcasts and books – fuelling the demand for more audio content”

The ripple effect has been inescapable as reportedly 61% of early adopters have urged friends to get Smart Speakers, while 56% of early adopters said they make more use of the voice-operated assistant on their smartphone. Tom Webster, Senior VP of Edison Research commented saying “this has profound ramifications for anyone in media and advertising.”

Published July 23, 2018 by RadioWorks Group


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