Over 80% of listening to digital audio takes place with headphones. Listeners are using their smartphones whilst running, commuting, etc, and are therefore in an extremely intimate and highly attentive situation.

For producers, this means we can assume that they can hear a lot more detail than on standard radio, and it offers fantastic opportunities.

We’ve long used stereo production, but with so much radio listening on mono this has often been wasted. However, headphone listening means we can have a lot more fun with right and left channel production. Furthermore, 360 degree or binaural audio is also now possible. Using the latest production techniques, sound can come from behind or in front of the listener too, with exciting possibilities. For example,  film trailers could make effective use of this technology.

Knowing the context of the ads is also very important. We know what track has played before the ad begins, or we know the style of the podcast they’re listening to, so our production can be varied to match this. It’s no longer about standing out or shouting louder than the other ads in the break – it’s about thinking clearly about:

  • Type of Language
  • Choice of Voice Over
  • Pace of delivery
  • Use of music

The better we judge these elements, the more effective our message will be, and digital audio gives us the ability to make better and better judgements for a much more personal experience.

For producers and advertisers alike, it allows us to the take the sound of our ads to the next audio level!

Check out some examples of great digital audio ads below:

20th Century Fox – Prometheus – Spotify

BHF – Without Warning – Spotify

Nandos – Spotify

Starbucks – Happy Hour – Spotify