Digital Audio advertising isn’t restricted to 30 second adverts. It offers a whole world of possibilities for long form content that aren’t available on traditional radio.

Imagine being able to create your own radio show, but without needing to find a radio station to broadcast it on. Podcasting allows any brand to invest in interesting, funny, or exciting programmes which can gather large, loyal audiences.

With high production values and great presenters available at relatively low cost, podcasts can be just as engaging as traditional radio shows, but with complete creative freedom over subject matter, branding and content. Sport, comedy and business are popular categories, but niche subjects are also very effective, with thousands of listeners downloading weekly or daily shows to listen to on their commute or even at the office.

All you need is some great editorial along with experienced producers, and you’ve got a unique brand extension.


  • BMW Good Food Ride – A partnership between BMW and the Observer, issuing a guide to the best places to buy organic produce around the UK.
  • Financial Times Podcasts – The biggest business podcasts in the UK. They show how brands with existing content can reach dedicated audience using digital audio who might not otherwise engage with them