As experts in the radio advertising field, RadioWorks have always taken a keen interest in all things audio. Since Spotify first launched in the UK, the team have had their finger on the pulse of digital audio, even booking one of the first UK campaigns on Spotify.

Our thirst for knowledge is insatiable and we always want to make sure we’re the first to know what’s going on in the world of audio. Essentially we’re radio and audio geeks, and we’re proud of it! And like a school boy who’s pleased with his homework we want to share some of what we’ve learnt with you via this digital audio information hub.

There is literally loads going on in the world of digital audio at the moment… In the US digital audio spend broke the $1billion barrier in 2014 and here in the UK 30% of the population tune in. The DigitalAudioWorks website collates selected news stories and relevant data so we can share our knowledge with you. Logging on to the site will also give you access to our very own digital audio white papers, and to further research studies and digital audio events.