Creative & Writing

Digital Audio gives advertisers the power to know exactly who’s listening, and even how they’re listening. This opens up many possibilities beyond the media plan – it allows us to explore whole new creative approaches.

How would you speak to someone in the gym? How would that differ from somebody listening on their summer holiday? How will the weather affect your message? Sophisticated targeting means we can think about different tones of voice for different mood states and situations.

How could you build a story over a number of days or weeks? Sequential messaging means your listener won’t hear Ad 2 until they’ve heard Ad 1. We can create stories, and take the listener on a journey according to their level of interest in the message.

We also know the content our ads are sitting beside. It might be a sport podcast, or a piece of sensual R&B on Spotify. Our writing and creative can be designed to fit into this context seamlessly so that we speak to the listener in exactly the right way.

Digital Audio is about much more than running standard radio ads on a new platform – it’s a whole new medium, and a whole new creative platform for advertisers to play with.

Our friends at the Radiocentre have launched a new tool, that we think is really useful when deciding the music for your creative campaign. Have a look at the Brand Music Navigator now!