In an interview with The Guardian, Mixcloud founder Nikhil Shah argued that last year’s success of podcast and This American Life spinoff, Serial, was the beginning of an online radio revolution. He added that he expected it to be just the first of many popular audio shows, arguing that it had inspired content creators who may have previously written off podcasts.

The interview was carried out during Mixcloud’s second annual Online Radio Awards, an event that seeks to highlight the best of the previous year’s radio that is predominantly available online. Shah attributed Serial‘s success not just to its quality, but also to the popularity and viability of audio, which can find loyal audiences among commuters and others who might not have a huge amount of time to consume other media:

“This format makes a lot of sense, especially for the huge number of people who commute to work every day. And a host of new apps are making it easy for them to get the latest episodes of their favourite shows.”

Full story available on The Guardian website.