After pricking the interest of tech and audio enthusiasts everywhere with the unveiling of the Galaxy Home last August, Samsung further forays into smart speaker development as they revealed the details of a new AI speaker in production earlier this year.

Galaxy Home, AI speaker

Numerous publications have cited the new development as a thoughtful move by Samsung if it is to compete with Google and Amazon’s smaller, low-cost devices like Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini. That being said, there is little information that can be gleaned about the recently announced ‘AI speaker’ by Samsung other than its design which looks notably different without the oblong pear shape and tripod legs sported by the Galaxy Home.

Within the audio landscape, the prominence of smart speakers has grown steadily, therefore Samsung may have to think strategically if its Galaxy Home is to stand out from an already well-established market. Contrarily, the products most impressive asset as claimed by Samsung as “the only AI speaker that intuitively moves a wave of sound directly toward you when you ask it” is a technical flourish that will surely draw the interest and curiosity of audio enthusiasts.


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