Last week London-based podcast company audioBoom announced it had obtained funding of 4.5-million GBP to solidify its operating future and strategy.

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RAIN NEWS reached out to Chief Operating Officer Stuart Last for more details. The Q&A which unfolded was quite interesting and portrays a company keen to execute a programming strategy.


The audioBoom Originals Network

RAIN asked how many programs currently live in the audioBoom Originals Network (“AON”), and what the expansion goal is.

“We currently have 10 shows in production, the most recent Covert launched last week and hit the Top 10 on the Apple Podcast chart. We have 3 new shows launching as part of a Fall content slate and in 2019 we will launch a further 12 shows…”


Business Differences of Owned and Non-owned Programs

RAIN wanted to explore what the balance is now of wholly owned-and-operated shows (O&O shows) and shows that audioBoom hosts and sells, but did not develop.

“Our premium sales network is around 150 third-party publishers alongside our 10 original shows – by the end of 2019 it will be 200 third party shows and 22 originals, so we’ll quickly move from 5% to over 10% of the network…”

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