Panoply, a podcasting network, is planning to launch an office in London. This new base will focus on increasing collaborations with audio talent in the UK market.

Ryan Dilley, a former BBC employee, will head up the new UK operations. The first UK shows from this new push are slated to roll out in early 2017.

Establishing an office presence in the U.K. is an interesting maneuver for U.S. based Panoply. The major on-demand audio presence in England is audioBoom.  Acast (which also has operations in London and New York) is another strong player in the emergent European podcast scene.

Panoply owns a publishing platform, strong original content, and media brand relationships. AudioBoom also hosts programs and has years of legacy strength with broadcast companies around the world. Acast has proprietary technology stack that connects creators, listeners, and advertisers.

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