(29.10.15) Seth Resler argues on the Jacobs Media Blog that Google’s recent decision to include podcasts on Google play will provide crucial ease-of-access to Android, equivalent to Apple’s inclusion of its “Podcasts” app on all devices shipped:

“It’s not about a lack of great content, but a lack of easy-to-use technology — especially on Android devices. Walch has observed that Libsyn-hosted podcasts see more than five times as many downloads on iOS gadgets than they do on Android devices. Why? Because iPhones and iPads ship with a pre-installed podcast app (brilliantly called “Podcasts”).

Android devices do not. So if you want to listen to a podcast on your Android phone or tablet, you first have to download an app for podcasts (a “podcatcher” like Stitcher or PocketCasts), then find the podcast and subscribe to it. The extra step required on Android devices may be enough to depress podcast listening.

I believe the real podcasting “explosion” will happen when Google finally embraces podcasts.

And that moment may now be here.”

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