In October Triton Digital commissioned Edison Research to survey mobile music listeners about how they engage with audio advertisers. The results shine light on the multi-device digital lifestyle.

The study targeted 410 listeners in the 18-54 group, each of whom had “actively” listened to Internet radio in the past week.

Four out of five respondents said they don’t have the phone in their hands while listening. Mobile streaming music is a hands-0ff, eyes-off behavior.

When listeners want to know more about an audio ad, they wait until later to take action, 90% of the time. Of the 90% who delay getting more information, nearly all of them (94%) use a desktop computer to follow up. A typical example might be hearing an ad while commuting to work in headphones, then investigating and advertiser on a desktop work computer.

Triton Digital has been tracking mobile listening in its monthly Webcast Metrics report, the latest edition of which documented that slightly over 75% of measured listening happened on-the-go. This survey underlines the cross-device aspect of Big Data, which seeks to understand not only who a user is demographically and psychographically, but how s/he moves among devices. That key unlocks the most productive type of re-targeting, in which someone receptive to marketing receives the most relevant messages on every screen.

Mobile listeners use other devices to look up advertisers