Despite a general scepticism of programmatic audio, 6 in 10 marketers are looking to increase their programmatic audio spend over the next 18 months.

New research from Xavis and Interactive Advertising Europe was gathered via an online survey of 499 people from buyers and publishers (across 30 markets) between April and May. This report showed that only 15% of buy-side marketers have an assured understanding of programmatic audio, while 30% of marketers on the sell side feel confident with the medium.

This tentative expansion marketers are planning into unfamiliar territory chimes with a recent report by Global’s DAX into the increased investment advertisers are putting into digital audio. The report drew attention to the fact that 66% of advertisers intend to make digital audio a key part of their media strategy for the coming year despite aspects of the medium, such as the move into podcast advertising, being a new strategy for many UK brands.


The top two reasons for marketers spending more on programmatic audio according to the Xavis report were targeting efficiencies (63%) and taking advantage of data insights (44%). However, programmatic is still relatively alien to many marketers and there are therefore two main sticking points to further exploration of the medium which are having a clear understanding of the impact of programmatic audio (49%) and the availability of technology (44%).

Despite the mixed reactions collated in the survey, Alex McGibbon, vice-president of client solutions at Xaxis, remains confident saying: “There is the potential for Europe to lead the way in cementing it [programmatic audio] as an essential component of today’s media mix. There is an obvious appetite to increase knowledge and understanding of programmatic capabilities and, if addressed, the opportunity to boost programmatic audio spend over the next 18 months.”