Why Advertise?

Audio is a powerful tool, whether its speech or music, audio can build a connection with the listener – who hasn’t found themselves sing along to their favourite tune from time to time?

Advertisers and brands can make use of this intimate connection by placing their message alongside audio content. In fact, research has shown that audio output on radio stations creates high level of positive engagement in the brain, and, those levels of engagement extend to advertising (Radio: The Emotional Multiplier).

Digital Audio advertising also provides additional benefits through targeting and measurability. What, Who and When are the three core elements of digital audio targeting as services offer the ability to target by ‘What’ they’re listening to, ‘Who’ they are and ‘When’ (even how) they’re listening – all of which make for targeted campaigns with less wastage. Campaign measurement metrics including ‘listen through rates’, ‘tracking cookies’ and ‘click through data’ also make digital audio advertising a very interesting proposition.

And let’s not forget… You can create awesome commercials and your own content!