Last week, Samsung officially unveiled its first ever smart speaker, Galaxy Home. The Bixby-powered speaker is Samsung’s entry into the rapidly growing audio and voice tech landscape and is set to go head-to-head with major players in the smart speaker market.

samsung log

The long-awaited device features a distinctive pebble-like design and sits on three tripod prongs. This interesting look has spurred a surge online amongst fans and critics who have serious opinions on the premium speaker’s aesthetics and believe it bears a striking resemblance to various common objects like cauldrons, BBQs and even cow udders.

Looks aside, we cannot avoid the fact that Samsung is rather late to the smart speaker game. While there is speculation around release dates, colours and price points, we wonder what audio services the Galaxy Home will support and ultimately whether Bixby is actually ‘smart’ enough to power this Samsung speaker.

Samsung will reveal further details during their Developer Conference on 7-8 November 2018, until then it’s difficult to be certain about anything to do with the new Samsung smart speaker.


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