1. What is digital audio?
  2. How do you advertise?
  3. Why should I use digital audio?
  4. Can you advertise on all platforms?
  5. What are the opportunities?
  6. How can we target?
  7. What makes a great ad?
  8. How do I make an ad?

What is digital audio?
Put simply, digital audio is ‘audio content streamed on a connected device’, like tablets and smartphones . For more information about digital audio, click here

How do you advertise?
For information on how to advertise on digital platforms, contact the team so that we can find out more about your requirements and create the perfect campaign for you.

Why should I use digital audio?
The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) in America state that there are 5 reasons why digital audio needs to be part of every marketing mix:

      • Digital Audio is exclusive
      • Digital Audio is becoming a “mobile-first” experience for many
      • Digital Audio is cool, and the consumer is now in control
      • Digital Audio is growing like CRAZY!
      • Digital Audio provides a complement to any media plan

The RadioWorks Group think that digital audio is a great extension to radio, and advertising across both platforms can extend campaign reach.

Can you advertise on all platforms?
Yes, you can! Digital audio advertising is available via desktop, tablet and mobile.

Here at DigitalAudioWorks we are specialist media buyers and have contacts with all the main services that carry commercial opportunities.

What are the opportunities?
Multiple formats are available when using digital audio advertising. Each service provider has different specifications and packages available, so take a look at our Services page to find out more or contact a member of the DigitalAudioWorks team so we can talk you through the relevant options.

How can we target?
A number of targeting options are available such as age, gender and location.

Each service is slightly different, so have a look at our Services page to find out what targeting options each service provider offers.

What makes a great ad? 
Make it clear, witty, and striking. Avoid cheesy radio clichés, and cast great voices. It sounds really simple, and when you work with audio specialists it is.

How do I make an ad?
Sound and words can take the listener anywhere. Our writers and producers will take your brief and make it come alive in audio, making the very best of the digital platform to speak directly to the target listener.