The music streaming service Deezer is updating Flow, the platform’s personalised playlist feature.

Flow is designed to give users a tailored music experience with minimal engagement from the listener. Deezer will now be adding new features which will allow listeners to have more control over what they hear.

deezer android

The update will include several playlists and a new discovery option, introducing the listener to new artists and giving them access to automatically curated playlists based on their listening habits.

The app is finally bringing its features in line with its competitors as Flow will provide users with music recommendations with the option to favourite any song and add it to a new or existing playlist. Much like Spotify’s ‘Daily Mixes’ and ‘Discover Weekly’, the Flow tab will be updated daily and discover playlists will be updated weekly.

Chief Content and Product Officer Alexander Holland says “the new Flow Tab evolves our user experience and provides people with more lean back options than ever before. It’s never been easier to choose which direction your Flow will take you, and to enjoy life to your personal soundtrack.”

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