First Spotify, now Deezer – the rival streaming service has beat Spotify to the punch and is now available in the Middle East and North Africa, ahead of Spotify’s planned launch in November.

Dancing to music

To make matters worse, Deezer has also secured an exclusive digital distribution deal with Rotana Group, the Middle East’s leading music company. This agreement means Deezer will now be the only place the region’s residents can stream its music, which has undoubtedly put a slight spanner in the works for Spotify.

Users who sign up for Deezer will instantly be able to access tailored local content in Arabic, curated by local music editors. CEO of Deezer, Hans-Holger Albrecht said: “We are really excited to bring Arabic listeners a unique and unrivalled blend of the best exclusive Arabic music and the most popular international tracks in one place.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Additionally, Albrecht reveals plans to open a new regional HQ in Dubai which he believes will help them grow their presence further. Salem Al-Hindi, CEO of Rotana Audio & Video Group added: “This agreement will certainly benefit both parties and the biggest and main beneficiary will be the artists who are signed with Rotana, as well as all music lovers in the Arab music.”


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