Conan O’Brien embraces podcasting

Distinguished late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien is one of the latest entertainment titan to have turned their attentions on podcasting. Many well-known media personalities have expanded their brand into this space, and in a similar vein to those excursions the format has offered him a break from his bread-and-butter vocation to share a different side of […]

Super-powered new podcast series from Marvel

Having all but conquered the visual mediums of film and comics, Marvel continue building a reputation in the world of audio-storytelling with a new fictional podcast series. Following on from two critically acclaimed adventures with X-men stalwart Wolverine (Marvel’s Wolverine: The Long Night and its sequel Marvel’s Wolverine: The Lost Trail) this new story will concern the […]

The Evolution of Audio Branding

If you were to pick apart an established brand, you would most likely find an audio insignia as pronounced as any of its visual hallmarks. In many cases these audio assets play a shrewder role in brand messaging next to eye-popping logos and images, but their importance is not to be under-estimated. Numerous studies have […]

Tarantino takes over Spotify

It is becoming more regular for music streaming platforms to hand over the reins to artists for exclusive takeovers, such as Ed Sheeran recently being handed control of Deezer’s flagship Popstar Playlist. Rarely however are film franchises or brands granted the same approach. However, when your soundtracks are as arguably as revered as the films […]

Marketers look to Programmatic Audio

Despite a general scepticism of programmatic audio, 6 in 10 marketers are looking to increase their programmatic audio spend over the next 18 months. New research from Xavis and Interactive Advertising Europe was gathered via an online survey of 499 people from buyers and publishers (across 30 markets) between April and May. This report showed […]