Acast have released the first installments of their Audio intelligence report. The report will look at the audio and voice industry landscape, revealing listener figures, profiles and trends in the UK, US and Australia.

According to the latest UK report:

  • An estimated 23% of the UK population have listened to a podcast in the last month
  • 29% of these listeners are listening 2 – 4 times a week
  • The average time spent listening to podcasts in a week is 3.6 hours
  • There is a slight skew towards younger audiences with 2/3 of new listeners aged between 16 to 34

Acast have not only identified the listener profile but also touched on the power of podcasts. Reportedly 3 out of 5 people who listened to a podcast in the past 3 months have recommended a product, site or service they heard about on a podcast. The medium provides advertisers with the ability to reach listeners who Acast describe as the ‘Unreachables’, a group of ‘choosy, on-demand connoisseurs’ who know when they are being sold to and who actively seek ways to avoid it.

Listeners however, tend to favour podcasts for their relevant advert creative and tone, which doesn’t come as a surprise as a ‘full 76% of podcast listeners say they have acted on a podcast advert or sponsorship message’ in 2017.

Read full report on acast